Hack & Steal is a special minigame for Hackipedia active users.


  • Must have 300+ edits.
  • Be active on wikia.


First put the name tag on the "Hacker Space" and choose between Gray, White, Black hackers, and then you have three types of game for, 1 is for White hacker, you will be ask somebody a hacking trivia, 2 is for Gray hat hackers, only for the smart users who tryed out coding, enter a special code for stealing money, and the last one is for black hat hackers, quickly answer the trivia by the white hat hacker. The users will be granted with money which is used to by admin and patroller rights. Every right code or question will be granted with million dollars, the amounts for rights will be below. The minigame is played yearly post a request on staff's wall, to play it privately.


Trivia question



$ 10,000,000 - Patroller

$ 30,000,000 - Admin

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