Assault Rifle or Biometric Rifle as its named by the hackers, is a weapon mostly used by the hackers to rob the banks and other hacking explostions.


Assault Rifle is made in the United States in the 50's, It's superior is AK-47 also used by the hackers.


It's mostly used for robbing banks, as the hackers hack in into the bank system, if using the SymCync.It's not used anywhere else in other hacking systems, since SymCync is a very weak Sym, Others however do it easly, steal the bank accounts, code them and get away. One of the special missions its used, is codenamed "Signature Shot".
'Signature Shot' - Watchdogs Exclusive DLC Contract Biometric Rifle Showcase-016:03

'Signature Shot' - Watchdogs Exclusive DLC Contract Biometric Rifle Showcase-0

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